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If you've got any concerns or suggestions regarding how Raimei/Juliet/Hitagi/Sakura Sakurakouji/Namie/Medaka is portrayed, please feel free to mention them here! ♥

Every little bit helps, going anon is totally welcome.

IP logging is off and comments are screened for your pleasure. o/


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The Best/fastest way to reach me is via gmail @ youryuu.risui

Otherwise, post here, and I will get back to you ASAP.

Also, I'm the Official OOC secretary of TAKERU/HIRO/JUBILEE/XIA TIAN/GUI LONG/HINA/KOUGA/TSUKUMO/JUN/KISE NOW, so if you cannot reach them for any reason, you can post here too, and I'll relay the message!
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Gifting things! Comment here, and I'll tell you what they've got.

If you've talked to either Raimei, Sakura or Hitagi more than once, they will gift you with something.

If you are within sight of Juliet she will give you cookies (she didn't bake them) and a cocoa assortment. If you've talked to you more than once, you've got extra stuff with that.

Namie doesn't do presents. She does have something for Izaya, though. :|

If you'd like to thread stuff out, mention it in the comments, otherwise, feel free to say you got whatever. o/
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[The annoying egg babies of the very blonde samurai and dragon duo have turned into something that is equally annoying.

Except now they're fluffy and have huge, soulless eyes.]


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If I've dropped a thread, or there's something you think I should get in on, link it here please? I'll come running ASAP. ♥
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August )


[Edit: 4/1/09] Well. That failed.

February )

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[Edit: 7/22/09] ...Let's try this again.

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Raimei is subject to canon updating, depending on how things work out with the rest of the cast.

- Guilt Tripping Thobari-sensei
- Beating up Fuuma Kotarou
- Dragging Itachi around pastry shops in town.
- Going to the site of the old Shimizu family compound, meeting up with Raikou there.

- Picking up case files from the station
- Visiting McNab's wife, bringing her flowers and taking a few pictures
- Going with Carlton to his house to get his guns. (Not happy about this one)
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This is for [ profile] marypoopins who wanted "Kagura and Raimei being Kagura and Raimei" except I wanted to draw pretty frilly things, so you get the two shounen retard girls dressing up and attempting to be cute. :|


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Script Here

After 5 chapters of Miharu angst, the Shimizu siblings (and Gau) return TRIUMPHANTLY. Sortof.

My brother is the king of awesomely bad hair. )
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You remember what yesterday was, right?
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It goes LIKE SO. You comment here and ASK A QUESTION it can be anything CFUD related, OOC, IC, Relationship, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. My character's opinion of your character or maybe what you have been wondering about this behavior or that, or general thoughts on my characters or canons or what, who I might consider raping you into apping, etc.

WHEN I REPLY I will also ask you a question in turn!

In this way we talk at each other, which is fun.

And it's just Raimei here. I'm finishing the relationship meme too! I swear... um. Kick me. Something. Augh.
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Leaving for the interview tomorrow, so I am CRAMMING HARDCORE art-wise. That means full-on no internets for me until I take care of business like a good girl. If I don't login tonight, I'll see you guys Saturday.

So to give myself things to come back to...

You comment here with the relationship, and I will give you:

- The one they most enjoy getting
- Any (if applicable) they don't like getting
- The most "you" face you have
- And an icon they are surprised you have

I'll probably work on the First Impressions/Relationship Meme while I'm up in SF. I haven't forgotten about it, I swear.

ETA My icons strangely do not look like my own. There is no way I'm about to go and fix this.
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In typical me style, I haven't had the urge to seriously work on... things that require working on until.... 3 days before it needs to be done. The primary distraction in this is the olympics chan (because you guys are awesome and totally engrossing. :( ), so I'm trying to be SUPER GOOD and not log in until AFTER my trip to San Francisco, August 16th.

This is not to say I won't be RPing, because staying out of chan is one thing, but stalking the comm is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Gtalk/Email is here AIM is (Hananira). Hit me up on either whenever needed and I will definitely come running.
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Comment with your characters names and I'll tell you what Raimei thinks of them! If there's someone you'd like to have meet her, I can stalk their threads a bit, and give you a fair indication of how things would go.
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In the meantime, something I'm sure you're all totally sick of.

It's not getting old for me any time soon, sorry. DX Neither with this. Animu, keep being amazing, please.

In other news, I'm posting DDLs for Nabari no Ou in raw format here. I also have some (very bad) translations of some of the material here. There's not much, but every little bit helps, I guess. >.>;;

Since it's stuff that's probably going to be used by Kiheitai Scanlations, it might be best if the material isn't used for other scanlations? It's not that great anyhoo, so... yeah. F-locked.

The Raws post is also F-locked since it's on my webspace.

But poke me anywhere to be added and I'll put you on ASAP.
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More, forthcoming, but for nooooow, I was capping some stuff on Nicovideo, so I figured I should share the completed ones: